No Room for Your Pooch in Your Suitcase?

No Room for Your Pooch in Your Suitcase?

Hire us for pet care while you’re on vacation

You’re staying in a hotel for your trip. Don’t I, your best furry friend, deserve to stay in one too? Staying at Puppies Pause Day Care is just as good. Puppies Pause Day Care offers overnight pet sitting services. You can send me over to stay with Jacqueline, her husband and four dogs. She has plenty of room inside and outside her home for me to exercise and socialize.

You can pack up some of my favorite foods, but Jaqueline can cook me up grain-free, home-prepared meals. I might be a little nervous being in a new place with new friends, so if you think having my bed and toys will make me more comfortable, I can take those with me. And you won’t have to wonder how I’m doing. Jacqueline will send you emails or texts, along with pictures of me throughout the day, for your peace of mind.

Hire Jacqueline and her team to take care of me while you’re gone.

I’ll enjoy plenty of perks

Puppies Pause Day Care has many benefits that I’ll love. They offer:

  • A fenced-in, 3-acre yard
  • Constant supervision and personal treatment
  • A structured schedule
Don’t wait until the last minute to find someone to take care of me. Schedule my stay in advance so you can relax during your vacation knowing my tail’s wagging.