I’ll Be There When You Can’t

There are times when a dog just doesn’t like going to a boarding facility. I know, I’ve had a few of that type. They just want to stay at home with their own bed and they’re not comfortable with other dogs 24/7. But you don’t want to feel guilty for leaving them at home alone, so you leave them somewhere that they hate. That’s where I come in! If your dog or cat prefers to stay in their own space I will come and check on them to give you peace of mind that they are being cared for.

Pet Sitting:



Your dog will come and stay with me in my home. I have a 3-acre fenced-in yard, perfect for playing and your dog will join my family for their stay. I have 4 dogs at home, ready to play with your dog.

In Your Home


The dog stays in your home and I visit 5 times a day to walk, feed, water, play with and comfort your dog. For an added $10 I can provide a little more security for your home, moving the car, turning lights on and off, making it look like someone is there.


30 minutes


Perfect for when you are working late, running behind your normal schedule, out of town for the day, or even laid up due to illness. I will come and take your dog for a 30 minute walk.